Keyboard shortcut of the day!

The aim of this website is to share one keyboard shortcut every day.

Day 1

Program: Visual Studio Code

Shortcut: Cmd + J

Purpose: Hide/Show panel

Day 2

Program: Chrome

Shortcut: Cmd + Shift + Tab

Purpose: Re-opens the last closed tab. Great when you've closed a tab by accident!

Day 3

Program: Visual Studio Code

Shortcut: Cmd + D

Purpose: With text selected select subsequent occurances of that text one by one.

Day 4

Program: Terminal

Shortcut: Ctrl + U

Purpose: On the command line delete everything to the left of the cursor

Day 5


Shortcut: Ctrl + Cmd + Space

Purpose: Show the emoji palette

Day 6


Shortcut: Cmd +

Purpose: Moves cursor to the top of the open document